Individual, Group and Private Tours

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Ethiopia is a land of contrast - some of the places to visit are seasonal such as the Danakil Depression (November to February. Outside this time, it's too hot.) Coffee harvest is November. Following the rainy season, if the countryside's not green, then it probably never will be. When we're asked, "when's the best time to come? " we say, "Whenever it suits you. There will always be something interesting happening!".

Behind the Scenes

A morning outing, usually on Saturday 9am-12.30pm. To get you into places you would normally not find yourself. Sometimes the getting to the place is as interesting as the topic.
Our most popular BTS outings are:

COFFEE - From Bean to Export

Coffee Ethiopia is the birthplace for coffee. For appreciators of coffee, we visit a local factory. See the process; hear the stories about the history and what it's like to be in the business. You'll be shown the brewing, cupping and finally, tasting!

Artists in Addis

Artisits A myriad of artists around the city in hidden away places - producing some outstanding work. Cotton, silk, painting, textiles.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Suitable for all levels and cameras

Photography Led by professional photographers, each session has a different topic. ABC of using your camera; Still Life; Moving Shots; Portraits; Landscapes.

COOKING - See it, make it, eat it!

Cooking Trips to the shop, buy the local ingredients, and cook it! Ethiopian cuisine, seeing the fresh ingredients, the same dried and how to make the staple dishes. EAT!

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One to 4 days outside of Addis to take you to places that are less well known. Includes as many features as possible in one location to make the most of your experience. Always we have a knowledgeable, experienced guide with good English.
Our most popular Escape Addis outings are:


Bird Watching Ethiopia is a Bird Watchers Paradise. More than 800 species and about 23 Endemic. From a one day outing based from Addis, or a Bird Watching Trip. Led by knowledgeable Bird Enthusiast/Specialist.

Flowers & Trees

September/October is an especially nice time to visit Ethiopia if you have an interest in plants. Vegetation zones vary from below sea level to the highest peak above 4600 meters - expect to see a variety of plants.


Born Free About 40 minutes outside Addis. Set in a green area with a canopy of Acacia trees. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, and other animals depending what the Born free Center has at that time. Often we combine the visit with a picnic.


Muga Gorge A day's outing from Addis into the countryside heading north of the city. Especially in September following the rainy season, the waterfall is dramatic, as is the countryside covered in the flowering Meskel Daisy, associated with the Ethiopian New Year, 11 September.